1. 2021 – A one day exhibition at home!

    Exhibition 11th September Finally we can arrange a one day exhibition at Svensbacken (our home, by the way). It’s been a while, but now according covid status, we can now have a gathering with maximum 500 people out in the open. Let’s celebrate with a nice event. The exhibition is…

  2. 2021 – Another Elevator Foto Art Decoration

    Another one :-) Once more I’ve been asked to decorate an elevator at Abecita Popkonst & Foto. This time it’s the large service elevator. The seconds after I was asked, the idea was born. If all goes well, it will be ready in September this year. Maybe I will add…

  3. 2021 – Elevator Foto Art Decoration

    Wow, so much fun!  I was asked to decorate the elevator at Abecita Popkonst & Foto. What an honor. The elevator is very, very small. My first thought was that it must be perceived as bigger. I realized that when I was a child we had a bathroom cabinet with…

  4. 2021 – Member of f-stop pathfinders

    2021 – f-stop pathfinder – It is very fun to announce that Patrik Wennerlund / PWMFoto has been appointed f-stop pathfinder which is part of f-stop ambassador team. f-stop designs fantastic photo backpacks. A couple of years ago I bought my first backpack from f-stop. It was a Tilopa, 50-liter,…

  5. 2020 – Musikhjälpen

    This year I donated a large print to Muikhjälpen, which every year for a week, arranges fundraising for a special subject. This year, the topic was “equal care for all”. The winning bid was 10,100 SEK. Fantastic!  Thank you very much on behalf of Musikhjälpen!! / PW

  6. 2020 – Lecture at Abecita Konstmuseum

    At Abecita Art Museum’s first fully digital photo evening, we get to listen to the photographer Patrik Wennerlund who talks about his exhibition “Lofoten and Hong Kong”. We get to know Patrik and follow him on these two exciting photo trips; The dizzying expanses of Lofoten and the mighty complexity…

  7. 2020 – Wirestock Interview

    How has life changed for you since quarantine? – I was interviewed by Wirestock regarding working from home without any possibility to photo trips.

  8. 2020 – 1x

    First picture published on 1x. Feels great and I got a lot of very nice comments. Thank’s!

  9. 2020 Abecita Konstmuseum

    2020 Abecita Konstmuseum I am incredibly proud to have the honor of displaying my pictures from Lofoten and Hong Kong at the Abecita Art Museum. The exhibition starts on October 22nd 2020 and is on display until January 17th 2021. Abecita Art Museum is a fantastic museum where you can…

  10. 2019 – Dolomites, Italy

    2019 – Dolomites, Italy A one-week trip to the Dolomites. High mountains and beautiful valleys.  We were 5 photographers hiking around and having a great time, taking pictures all day, editing all night. A perfect trip and great memories

  11. 2019 – West coast

    2019 – West coast A great workshop with Viktor Sundberg, Claes Thorberntsson and other like-minded photographers. Visiting the best places at Bohuskusten. A super weekend.

  12. 2019 – Exhibition, Träslövsläge

    2019 – Exhibition, Träslövsläge PWMFoto exhibition on the move again. A huge amount of fun.

  13. 2019 – Exhibition, Skåne

    2019 – Exhibition, Skåne Exhibition in Skåne for the first time. Many visitors and much fun.

  14. 2019 – Faroe Islands

    2019 – Faroe Islands Official trip with Volvo Penta. Visiting dealers and an international commercial boat fair. We also had some time off to discover the islands on our own. Fantastic scenery and a great place to visit. My favourite kind of landscape.

  15. 2019 – Exhibition, Stockholm

    2019 – Exhibition, Stockholm Stockholm again. PWMFoto exhibition on the move. Lots of fun.

  16. 2019 – Hong Kong

    2019 – Hong Kong I had the opportunity to visit friends in Hong Kong. Linus and I took a trip for 5 days. We did a lot of walking. And I mean an awful lot. Superb views everywhere and much to see and shoot amongst the mix of old and…

  17. 2018 – Lofoten, Norway

    2018 – Lofoten, Norway A week long photo trip arranged by Viktor Sundberg and Claes Thorberntsson. We were a group of 12 people. A fantastic trip with the best worst weather ever. Heavy rain and very windy. We had huge amounts of fun and I shot some great pictures that…

  18. 2018 – Queralbs, Spain

    2018 – Queralbs, Spain A rainy trip to northern Spain. A very remote valley with a special story. I shot some atmospheric and stormy images overlooking the valleys.

  19. 2018 – Volvo Ocean Race

    2018 – Volvo Ocean Race Official photographer at the Volvo Ocean Race Nordic meeting in Gothenburg with Volvo Penta.

  20. 2018 – Exhibition, Stockholm

    2018 – Exhibition, Stockholm Stockholm next. PWMFoto exhibition on the move. It takes one day to build and a half day to hang all the framed pictures. Linus my youngest son is excellent help. Blue sky, loads of sun, hordes of people. A perfect day and great fun.

  21. 2018 – Piemonte, Italy

    2018 – Piemonte, Italy A trip to the beautiful district of Piemonte and Villa Madonna. I tried to investigate all the small roads that came my way and ended up in some tricky but beautiful spots. Fantastic scenery.

  22. 2017 – Spart Gallery

    2017 – Spart Gallery Some of my pictures were selected to be sold as posters at the Spart gallery on the web. Please visit

  23. 2017 – Exhibition, Svensbacken

    2017 – Exhibition, Svensbacken So, what to do when you want to show your photos to an audience? Why don’t you do your own exhibition said my wife Helene? Perfect idea! Tent, fabric etc. was bought. After framing a lot of pictures, my own exhibition was a fact. Super fun…

  24. 2017 – Iceland

    2017 – Iceland This is the second time I had visited Iceland, although this time I had my camera with me. It was a family trip but I managed to get some time and shoot the fantastic scenery. This is a very beautiful and special place. Some of the people…

  25. 2016 – Wales, Snowdonia

    2016 – Wales, Snowdonia Another great workshop with Lee Filters, Peter, Graham, and Jeremy. I arrived there several days before the workshop started so we had some relaxed time to explore the coastline. An excellent workshop with some really friendly and enthusiastic people.

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