2021 – Elevator Foto Art Decoration

Wow, so much fun! 

I was asked to decorate the elevator at Abecita Popkonst & Foto. What an honor. The elevator is very, very small. My first thought was that it must be perceived as bigger. I realized that when I was a child we had a bathroom cabinet with split mirrors that you could angle. In this way, an incredibly awesome repetition was created that was perceived as making the room much larger. 

Said and done. I took a photo of the interior of the elevator, then I spent many hours cleaning the picture. Then I copied the picture and re-mounted it a little smaller to fit that wall. Again, again and again… the image is repeated 12 times in itself. The smallest is only 2.5 cm high. 

Do not miss out to have a look into the elevator next time you visit Abecita Popkonst och Foto, Herrljungagatan 15 in Borås. 



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