1. 2016 – Spain, North of Benidorm

    2016 – Spain, North of Benidorm A really hot trip. Carrying very heavy equipment I walked in the mountains for almost a whole day. Need to remember to bring some water next time. Very stupid… But I shot some really good images. I also learned a lesson, always bring water!

  2. 2016 – London City

    2016 – London City Once again, I tried to capture London as I know it. Shot many interesting images although not as many as I would have liked to. It was a really nice family trip so the focus was not on photography. I need to come back again someday.…

  3. 2015 – Venice, Italy

    2015 – Venice, Italy This is where I met Antonio the pigeon. A fantastic pigeon who stared me out for the whole of dinner. A beautiful city with many hidden gems. Had a great day and shot some really interesting pictures of traditional Venice masks. By the way… they have…

  4. 2015 – Lake Garda, Italy

    2015 – Lake Garda, Italy A beautiful trip around lake Garda and a visit to the top of Monte Baldo (2218m). Fantastic views and great scenery. Many small, remote roads and villages to discover.

  5. 2015 – Volvo Ocean Race

    2015 – Volvo Ocean Race Official photographer at the Volvo Ocean Race Nordic meeting in Gothenburg with Volvo Penta.

  6. 2015 – Tuscany, Italy

    2015 – Tuscany, Italy A four-day trip to explore Tuscany. Much driving with Peter as a navigator in the passenger seat and Graham and Jeremy as co drivers on the backseat. Do I need to remind you that they are all used to driving on the wrong side of the…

  7. 2014 – Scotland, Glencoe

    2014 – Scotland, Glencoe  A great workshop with Lee Filters. We had sun, snow, harsh wind and a lot of rain. But most of all we had fantastic surroundings with many lakes, mountains and beautiful fields. Haggis, root mash and whiskey are also quite good… This is also where I…

  8. 2013 – Extended Workshop west coast

    2013 – Extended Workshop west coast My second serious step into landscape photography. Another great course arranged by Viktor Sundberg. 

  9. 2013 – London City

    2013 – London City Myself and my wife Helene visited London to take my first steps in to cityscapes. I ended up with some great shots and a lot of different coffee images!

  10. 2012 – Egypt

    2012 – Egypt A really great trip to Egypt with family and friends. Of course, the camera came along and I ended up with a couple of really good pictures. Amongst other my picture “Deep eyes”.

  11. 2012 – Workshop Halland

    2012 – Workshop Halland My first serious step into landscape photography. A great course arranged by Viktor Sundberg. I learned a great deal and we had much fun. Not the last time we met.

  12. 2011 – First system camera

    2011 – First system camera I bought my first digital system camera. Now it was time for me to take my first step into landscape photography.

  13. …in the beginning

    …in the beginning Worked with photographers and images on daily basis as a full-time art director and have also produced a great deal of studio shots of my own. 

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